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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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RV Solar Connection, llc exclusive...
Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts tilt module to 56°

Due to a customers request Jim and Randy at RV Solar Connection, llc have developed what we believe is the best tilting photovoltaic solar panel mounting system that can be easily tilted two different directions and set at multiple angles. The medium mounts tilts from 0° flat to 56°. The large mount tilts from 0° flat to 50°.

Originally engineered specifically for Kyocera solar panels... the RVSC dual tilt solar panel mounts are easily adaptable to other solar module manufacturers frames.

Dual Tilt RV Solar Module MountsOur Patent Pending Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts are extremely beneficial for any recreational vehicle owner that needs to maximize the solar arrays output during the winter months.

Full time RVer's that dry camp, or late season weekend warriors, hunter's, snowmobiler's, anyone who uses their RV during the off season can benefit from tilting solar panel mounts.

Our Patent Pending RVSC Dual Tilt mounts can also be installed on outbuildings, fences, sheds, barns or any flat vertical or horizontal surface.

The Benefits of Tilting solar modules

The RVSC Dual Tilt Solar Panel Mounts will require a little effort on your part. So if you don't want "one more thing to do" when camping, or you are unable to climb up on the roof, then don't invest in the tilt-able mounts. Tilting the solar panels really doesn't require much effort or time, less than 3 minutes per module... and they don't require any tools or extra parts to tilt the modules.
Be sure to stow the modules in flat travel position before you hit the road.

Why Tilting Solar Panel Mounts?

Dual Tilt Solar ModulesDuring the winter months when the sun is low in the sky and day length is short module output is greatly reduced compared to what the same system will produce in the summer months. By tilting your solar panels towards the sun allows the modules to recapture some of their lost output. You won't gain all off the loss back due to the short day length but you will see a noticeable improvement in battery charging over a flat mount system.

For example my brothers small 160 watt flat mount solar system puts out about 10 amps in the summer. During the winter the same system is only producing between 4 to 5 amps on a good day. That's about 50% loss in battery charging ability.

Adding a RVSC dual tilt solar panel mounting system will recapture up to 30% of the loss in full sun. Not a huge gain, but still a large gain in battery charging capacity. During early fall when the sun is lower in the sky I gain 4 amps per tilted module on my 5th wheel.

Adding a Blue Sky Solar Boost 50 or Solar Boost 3024iL charge controller to the system will also help recapture lost power.

The Patent Pending RVSC Dual Tilt Solar Panel Mounts are sold as on option on any system that uses our 65 watt, 85 watt or 130 watt or 135 watt or the new 140 watt Kyocera modules.
Installed cost for the dual tilt solar module mounts is $119.00 per panel for the medium mount and $125.00 for the large mount.

How to tilt your Solar Panels in three easy steps:
Estimated Time: < 3 minutes per module

  1. Tilting the solar panels is very simple. First slightly loosen the pivot knobs, then loosen the support arm knobs. Next remove the knobs from the end of of module that will tilt up.
  2. Raise the module to the desired angle then tighten the support arm knobs and the pivot knobs. Stow the removed knobs in the upper module rail.
  3. To stow the panels just reverse the above process. Modules must be stowed in the flat travel position at when RV is moving.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to tilt the module without tools!

Our Patent Pending Dual Tilt Solar Panel Mounts can now be ordered online...
RSVS Dual Tilt Solar Panel Mounts may be purchased on our web site via PayPalor from select internet retailers for do-it-yourself installations.

Currently our tilt able solar panel mounts only operate on RV's with flat or slightly curved roofs. Shimming is required on heavily curved roofs.


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Retail Pricing
One set installs one module
Medium $119.00 per set
Large $125.00 per set

Order Medium Dual
Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
Via our Sister Site
RV Solar Store

Order Large Dual
Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts
Via our Sister Site
RV Solar Store

Installation Manuals

RVSC Medium Mount PDF
RVSC Large Mount PDF Gif

Module Compatibility
Medium Mount PDF Gif
Large Mount PDF Gif

Converting to Exposed Hardware Configuration
Exposed Hardware Manual PDF Gif

New in October of 2008
RV Solar Connection's
Exclusive Dual Tilt Solar Module Mounting System
Dual Tilt Solar Module Mounts

Pictured above is Jim putting the finishing touches on the very first installation of our exclusive Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounting System.

 Medium Mount Specs
Length: 25.625"
Width: 1.5"
Width at Knobs: 2 3/8"
Weight: 3.1 lbs
Ship Weight. 4.2 lbs
Mounts to modules with mounting holes from 15.38" to 24.38" apart

Large Mount Specs
Large mount coming soon
Length: 26 1/8"
Width: 3"
Width at Knobs: 2 /3/8"
Weight: 4.6 lbs
Ship Weight: 5.7 lbs
Mounts to modules with mounting holes from 16 1/8" to 25.5" apart

RVSC Dual Tilt RV Solar Panel Mounts are made
in the USA!

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Dealer Inquiries
Contact: randy @