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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Solar Wire - Battery and Inverter Cabling

Tray Cable for Solar Modules

10/2 tray cable is commonly used for most of our solar installations. The tray cable that we use is UL listed 10 gauge stranded copper with two color coded conductors. 10/2 tray cable is very suitable for wet or dry conditions, as well as high heat locations such as under a solar module or run across an older aluminum roof.

The outer nylon jacket is UV resistant. Tray cable looks and feels similar to Romex but is manufactured to withstand the elements of outdoor life.

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6 Gauge single strand wire

If not included in your solar system package, as an option we can install 6 gauge color coded single strand AWG (1 red wire & 1 black wire) wire from the solar charge controller to the deep cycle batteries. Using this heavier gauge wire helps to prevent line loss (voltage drop) in long wire runs.

The majority of our customers use their RV's seasonally during the spring and summer months, so 10/2 tray cable is more than adequate for their solar power generating needs.

Welding Cable for Deep Cycle Batteries and Power Inverters

For power inverter installations we custom build our own cables so that we can install as short of run as possible to the power inverter. We use heavy gauge finely stranded arc welding cable. The lugs on each end of the cable are crimped, soldered, then heat shrinked to insure a solid connection. The gauge of welding cable used on each job will vary depending on the current draw of the power inverter.

We've found that mass produced pre-made cables are usually either too long or too short or have poorly connected lugs.

For battery interconnects on installations with out an inverter we normally use color coded 2 gauge automotive battery cables.


What is Tray Cable?

10/2 Tray Cable
Tray Cable cable is THHN insulated which translates to: Thermoplastic high heat resistant wire. The conductors are soft annealed stranded copper and are insulated with a durable heat and moisture resistant polyvinyl chloride insulation which is then covered by a tough nylon (polymide) jacket.

Water Proof Strain Relief
Water Proof strain reliefs are used in junction boxes to prevent moisture from corroding connections.

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