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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Fixed Flat Photovoltaic Solar Module Mounting System
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If you use your RV occasionally, or if you're a serious spring and summer weekend warrior, our fixed flat photovoltaic module mounting system will meet the needs of your 12 volt DC electrical needs.

Fixed means that the solar panels are securely fastened to the roof of your RV in a fixed flat position. Flat module mounting is really the best way to go if:

We have designed and use our own RV Solar Panel Mounts

Smart Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts"Smart Feet" are by far our most versatile flat mounting system for recreational vehicles.

"Smart Feet" are manufactured from 5052 aluminum. They are a two piece "L" shaped solar panel mount that when mated together form a "Z" shape.

"Smart Feet" have nearly 1" of vertical height adjustment and can pivot to compensate for roof curvatures which helps eliminates binding and flexing keeping pressure on the solar modules frame equal at all mounting points.

"Smart Feet can be ordered on line at our sister site

Sticky Feet RV Solar Panel Mounts"Sticky Feet" 4/15/2012 "Sticky Feet" are the newest edition to our exclusive line of RV solar panel mounts.

"Sticky Feet" have all the features of "Smart Feet" except they were designed for mounting solar panels on recreational vehicles with fiberglass roofs.

"Sticky Feet" feature a 3" foot with 3M very high bond tape (VHB) tape.

In depth information about "Sticky Feet" RV solar panel mounts will soon be available on on the RV Solar Panel Mounts page. 

RV Solar Connection, LLC is the only RV solar installer that uses six mounting feet on larger solar panels. Using six mounting feet prevents bowing of the modules frame under heavy snow loads such as the blizzard of 2002.

Improperly mounted solar moduleI found this picture on Craig's List of an RV that was for sale.
Notice that these large modules only have fixed flat mounting feet on each of the four corners. It doesn't look like there is any sealant on the fasteners either!

Now imagine a 150 pounds of weight placed on the middle of the module. Guess what happens... the frame can bow, the protective glass can crack exposing the solar cells to the elements... and you've lost a lot of money!

Randy Shoveling 5 foot of snowNow it usually don't snow that much in the Denver metro area, but if your solar battery charging system is installed by RV Solar Connection, your large flat mount modules will have a mounting foot on all four corners and in the middle of the rails just incase it does.

Pictured right: Randy shoveling 5 foot of snow off of his 5th wheel after the Conifer blizzard of 2002. His solar panels were unaffected by the deep snow.

We also use a triple sealing process to prevent roof penetrations from ever leaking. After poking many holes in the roofs of RV's... we haven't had one leak yet!


Our Solar Panel Mounting System is Guaranteed not to leak!

Triple sealed solar panel mount
No need to worry about holes in the roof!

Our 3 step sealing process eliminates any possibility of rain, hail, snow or ice seeping into the mount.

Z Feet Solar Module Mounting Brackets
Our mounting system works equally well on older aluminum or modern EPDM rubber roofs.

Flat Z Mounts can be ordered from our sister site