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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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The Mark 15 and Mark 22 has been discontinued by Specialty Concepts. We do not have any in stock.

Blue Sky Energer Sun Charger 30 SC30New for 2013! The Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30 (SC30) PWM wall mounted solar charge controller is an excellent replacement for an ailing Mark 15 or the Mark 22.

The Mark series of controllers were basically an on/off controller. The SC30 is a state of the art pulse width modulation controller with three stage charging and equalization. It can handle up to 450 watts of solar up to 27 amps of current.

The SC30 is just about the same height as the Mark 15 and 22 but the SC30 is shorter in length. Two of the mounting screw holes of the Mark controller will not be covered by the SC30. Use two of the black screws from the dead Mark controller to fill the holes. You'll have to make the cut out the Mark controller was in a little wider vertically to fit the SC30 into the wall.

The SC 30 is the best option to date for replacing a dead or dying Specialty Concepts Mark 15 or Mark 22 solar controller. You can order the Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30 on our sister site 

The MARK/15™ and the MARK/22™ are solid-state charge controllers for use in PV systems with currents Specialty Concepts Mark 15 Solar Charge Controllerup to 22 amps. They are available in 12 volt and 24 volt versions. The Mark 15 and 22 include a full-featured LCD meter to display battery voltage, array current and charge set-point. They are intended to flush-mount within a wall for a very distinctive appearance. Options include low-voltage load-disconnect and battery temperature compensation.

Special features include fuse protection for the battery and the solar array. An easy to use and read LCD display and a LED bar graph. The bar graph can be switched off. The Mark series of solar charge controllers can fully charge a completely dead battery that is able to accept and hold a charge. This feature is something that most photovoltaic charge controllers can't do!

Specialty Concepts Mark 22 Solar Charge Controller InstalledThe Specialty Concepts Mark22 charge controller has become the favorite charge monitor/regulator at RV Solar Connection, llc. For the money this outstanding charge controller can't be beat. The fact that it can bring a dead battery back to life is really worth considering.

Both the Mark 15 (pictured above) and the Mark 22 (pictured left) is pleasing to the eye and looks great with modern RV's wood finished interiors. Pictured to the left is a flush mount Mark 22 with a Vector inverter remote switch that was installed in the kitchen area of a 5th wheel trailer.

The Mark 22 solar controller is capable of managing an array output of 22 amps and only costs $10.00 more than the Mark 15 which has a 15 amp limit. With this in mind the better value is the Mark 22 which allows the customer room for future expansion of the solar array.

The face of the Mark 22 has a user selectable switch with four positions. When in the top position the LCD Mark 22 User Selectable Switchdisplay will show the batteries voltage. The second position displays the solar array current. The third position is for displaying the battery charge set point. When the charge set point is reached the Mark 22 turns off the power supply from the solar modules meaning the batteries are fully charged and the charged light will illuminate. The set point is preset by RV Solar Connection when we install your solar system. The fourth position turns off the led bar graph but leaves the LCD display on.

While charging the Mark 22 solar controller will feel very warm to the touch. It is normal for the unit to generate some heat while the controller is charging the batteries.

Visit the Document Archive for detailed spec sheets and product warranty information.