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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Dingo Solar 20 Amp Charge Controller
We no longer offer Dingo Solar and exclusively use Blue Sky Energy solar controllers

Dingo 20/20 is quite possibly the most-sophisticated, most-versatile charge controller available for stand-alone power supplies based on renewable energy. It is the industry standard, field-proven way toSolar Dingo 20/20 assume complete control of your battery-based system.

Born and tested in some of the most-rugged terrain Australia has to offer, Dingo's highly sophisticated regulation software is installed in tens of thousands of systems worldwide. Wherever a system demands superior reliability, functionality and flexibility, Dingo 20/20 will be there.

Integrated negative grounding makes Dingo 20/20 ideal for RVs, campers, boats and trailers by allowing grounding to vehicle chassis. In addition, Dingo's backup generator control and second battery charging capabilities ensure your lights stay on and your starter battery stays fresh even in the remotest corners of your personal outback.

Solar Dingo's Benefits

RV Solar Connection, llc currently does not stock the Solar Dingo. Solar Dingo is only available by special order. Additional installation charges will be accessed to install the Solar Dingo.

Visit the Document Archive for detailed spec sheets and product warranty information.