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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Kyocera 560 Watt Full Timer Recreational Vehicle Solar System

560 Watt Kyocera Full Timer RV Solar System
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560 Watt Full Time RV Solar System Kyocera

The 560 Watt Solar Mega Charger RV Power System -

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The 560 watt Kyocera Full Timer is our second most powerful solar battery charging system that we offer. During peak solar insolation periods the 560 Mega Charger can produce up to 221 ah per day. That's 3920 watts per day or a whopping 27,440 watts per week.

What this means is you can discharge 221 amp hours from your deep cycle batteries per 24 hour period and have the batteries fully recharged by time the sun sets the next day. For example say all the interior lights were turned on and they pull 30 amps, you could leave all the lights on for 6 hours and be at full charge again by sunset the next day.

We recommend the RV should have three or more group 29 - 12 volt or 4 - 6 volt batteries for this system.

This system is a fantastic choice for RV's that already have an onboard inverter, customers who do a lot of late season or winter camping when day length is short, or RV'ers that have above normal 12 volt DC power needs.

The 540 Watt Full Timer System Includes:
Possible Options could include:

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Don't see what you want? We can custom design and install a system for you. Solar systems, solar controllers, batteries and inverter configuration options are virtually endless.

Prices based on availability and are subject to change if component prices change since last site update.