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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Portable Solar Battery Charging Systems

RV Solar Connection has developed three totally portable, self contained solar battery charging systems for small campers, trailers, RV's and boats. These portable systems can also be used to charge vehicle batteries, or for charging batteries to run 12 volt DC lights in remote sheds, construction trailers or barns. Ham radio operators can use them to keep their DC backup systems fully charged. Construction contractors find them useful for battery charging for trailer security systems. Their uses are virtually endless!

65 Watt Kyocera Portable Solar Battery Charging PanelAll of the components in our self contained portable systems are top of the line quality products that can't be purchased at the local hardware store!

We believe that our portable solar battery charging systems are the best constructed, most powerful systems available... and guaranteed to bring a "dead"¹ battery back to life. We don't offer inexpensive "Made in China" or low power thin film solar charging kits.

Our Portable Solar Battery Charging Systems are currently available in 65 watts, 85 watts. Each system is fully assembled and ready to use.

85 Watt Portable Battery Charging while HuntingOur Portable Photovoltaic Modules are easy to use.
Our portable solar panels are virtually bullet proof, and very easy to use.

Simply connect the red clip to the positive (+) battery terminal and connect the black clip to the (-) negative battery terminal, then point the solar panel towards the sun. That's it!

Battery charging is fully automatic, so you don't have to worry about over or under charging your deep cycle batteries. Once the battery reaches full charge the charge controller mounted on the back of the module will turn the solar panel off. Once the controller senses that the battery needs charged, it will turn itself on again. 

Track the Sun with Portable Solar Battery Charging Systems
A major advantage that our portable systems have over a hard wired system is that you can track the sun optimizing the modules output. As the sun moves from east to west the panel can be repositioned to follow the sun yielding optimum module performance.

Zamp Portable Solar Systems

In addition to the 65 and 85 watt Kyocera portable systems that we build our sister site offers a 40 watt, 80 watt, 120 watt and 200 watt portable systems designed by Zamp Solar. Click here to view the Zamp Portable Solar Systems.

Don't see what you want? We can custom design and install a system for you. Solar systems, solar controllers, batteries and inverter configuration options are virtually endless.

¹ Refers to a good battery that has been totally discharged but capable of accepting and holding a charge.

Why a Portable Solar Battery Charging System?
For some applications portable solar systems are a better alternative to a hard wired solar battery charging system.
For example:
Some manufacturers of new campers prohibit owners from drilling holes in the roof, or the mounting of non factory items to the roof. Doing so will void the roofs warranty. In this example a portable solar panel gives you the ability to re-charge your batteries without a hard wired system mounted on the roof.

Some people prefer to park in the shade.
Shade and solar panels don't get along. With a portable solar system the camper can be situated in the shade while the solar panel is basking in the sun.

Multiple Charging Needs
If you have more than one camper our portable charging systems can be moved from camper to camper, or camper to boat, then back again. The charging possibilities are endless.