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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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85 Watt Portable Solar Battery Charging System

85 Watt Kyocera Portable Solar Charging System
This system is no longer available - Visit to view our RV systems

65 Watt Solar Portable Charging SystemThe 85 Watt Portable System is priced at: $674.23 + tax
A 3% discount is available for customers who pay by cash or check. Priced at: $654.00 + tax

Maximum Power: 85 Watts
Maximum Amps: 5.02
Maximum Amps per Day: 31.5*
* Based on 7 hours of strong summer sun

Maximum Voltage: 17.4
Length: 39.6"
Width: 25.7"
Depth: 2.2"
Weight (Approx): 25 lbs.

The 85 Watt Portable Solar Battery Charger is our middle of the line photovoltaic module. With its 5.02 amp output it has plenty of power to recharge deep cycle batteries that supply moderate electrical demands. It is an excellent choice for trailers and campers as well as medium sized RV's, or for charging back-up DC power supplies for ham operators, security systems, or lighted signs.

Our Portable Photovoltaic Modules are easy to use:
Our portable solar battery charging panels are virtually bullet proof, and very easy to use. Simply connect the red clip to the positive (+) battery terminal and connect the black clip to the (-) negative battery terminal, then point the solar panel towards the sun. That's it! They're also 100% weather proof.

If you leave your camp unattended we recommend purchasing a cable lock to secure your module to prevent theft.

The 85 Watt Portable System Includes:
Possible Options could include:

Don't see what you want? We can custom design and build a portable system for you. Solar systems, solar controllers, batteries and inverter configuration options are virtually endless.

Prices based on availability and are subject to change if component prices change since last site update.