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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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65 Watt Marine Solar Battery Charging System

65 Watt Marine Photovoltaic Battery Charging System
This system is discontinued - Visit for Zamp portable solar systems

The 65 Watt Marine System - Starting at: $583.51 + tax
A 3% discount is available for customers who pay by cash or check. Starting at: $566.00 + tax

Our portable 65 Watt marine solar battery charging system is an ideal companion for any size fishing or pleasure boat. The 65 watt Kyocera photovoltaic module will help extend run time of your 12 volt DC electronics as well as the electric trolling motor.

When the boat is trailered the solar module will gradually bring your batteries back up to full charge then shut itself off. The 65 watt marine system is also handy for keeping your batteries fresh during winter storage. Everything is fully automatic and 100% weather proof... just attach the cables to the battery and forget it!

The 65 Watt Marine System Includes:
Possible Options could include:

Don't see what you want? We can custom design and install a system for you. Solar systems, solar controllers, batteries and inverter configuration options are virtually endless.

Prices based on availability and are subject to change if component prices change since last site update.