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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Power Inverter Cables

Properly sized inverter cables are extremely important when installing DC to AC power inverters. Equally important is the length of the cables running from the battery to the power inverter. If the cable is of to small a gauge or the run is to long the inverter will perform poorly or you'll risk the chance of a fire.

RV Solar Connection's Custom built Invert CablesPictured to the left is a set of inverter cables that Jim built for a 2500 watt Vector modified sine wave inverter. The inverter is on the other side of the carpeted wall. The cable run to the inverter was less than 24" in this installation

To the far left of the picture is a 400 amp ANL fuse and holder.

The battery bank consisted of four Interstate U2200 6 volt deep cycle batteries secured by a custom angle iron battery tie down that we welded up in our shop.

To small of cable gauge or to long of run will not be able to carry the amperage needed by the inverter. This will starve the inverter, and the voltage drop effect will trip low the voltage shut down circuitry prematurely. This condition could even damage the inverter.

A Properly sized DC fuse is a must! No fuse, or to large of fuse could result in fire or battery explosion if a short circuit was to occur. A properly sized ANL or Class T fuse is worth every penny for the piece of mind it will give you.

At RV Solar Connection, LLC we build most of our cabling in house to suit your specific application. We build your cables using high-grade welding cable. All connections are soldered heat and shrunk to resist acid intrusion and provide a solid connection. Good solid connections are very important, to help reduce voltage drop in the RV's electrical system.

The do-it yourselfer you can purchase high quality American made DC Inverter Cables from our sister site


Installed Vector 2500 Watt Inverter

Pictured Above
Less than 24" from the battery bank on the rear side of the carpeted wall we installed this inexpensive Vector 2500 watt modified sine wave inverter per this customers request.

The small wire on the lower right side of the inverter is the remote switch cable which was routed to the kitchen area.

This customer had just purchased a brand new 5th wheel and was tight on funds and opted not to have a transfer switch or hard inverter installation.

Instead this customer is running a heavy gauge extension cord to his shore power cord.

We no longer install modified sine wave inverters.