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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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DC to AC Power Inverters

For those who would like to power up their RV with a DC to AC power inverter, RV Solar Connection, llc has a wide selection of both modified and true or pure sine wave inverters available to our clients.

Since there are so many inverter choices we don't stock any inverters. We bring inverters as needed. On a normal installation we'll install the Magnum MagnaSine 2800 watt pure sine wave inverter in larger RV's.

For those wishing to install their own inverter you can purchase a Magnum 2800 Watt Pure Sine inverter at our sister site; We also have the Magnum MS2012 2000 watt pure sine inverter for those who don't need 2800 watts of power.

DC to AC power inverters convert your RV's direct current DC 12 volt battery power to alternating current AC 110/120 volt to power... giving you the freedom to run appliances such as a toaster, coffee makers, microwaves and more. To realize the full capability of your inverter we recommend spending the extra money and purchasing a sine wave inverter. Rechargeable cordless tool batteries and several other rechargeable battery packs don't like the wave form of modified sine wave.

Small portable "Plug In" type inverters of 400 watt or less are inexpensive and easy to use, but are very limited in what they can power up. Their power demands on a 12 volt deep cycle battery is minimal, but when used for long periods of time can eventually drain your RV's deep cycle battery.

Hefty 1000 watt and larger inverters used to power larger appliances and tools create a huge demand on the RV's deep cycle batteries. These large inverters will quickly discharge an RV's 12 volt power supply to critical levels. Without an efficient way to recharge the batteries you'll soon be "Out of Juice". This is where a photovoltaic solar battery charging system installed by RV Solar Connection, llc really comes into play.

A solar system sized to meet your electrical needs will gently and quietly top off your 12 volt deep cycle batteries daily, giving you the ability to live a "Generator Free Lifestyle" all while doing a small part to help the environment.

Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Modified Sine Wave Inverters are probably the most commonly used type of power inverter on the market. They are also the least expensive type of inverter. I have a 3000 watt modified sine wave inverter in my 5th wheel and haven't discovered any problems running 110/120 volt ac appliances such as my microwave, laptop or power tools.

Advantages of Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Disadvantages of Modified Sine Wave Inverters

True Sine Wave Inverters

Advantages of True Sine Wave Inverters
Disadvantages of True Sine Wave Inverters

Connecting an inverter to an RV's electrical system is tricky. Input and output cables have to be matched to the system and the systems load. Battery cables leading to the inverter need to be as short as possible and matched to the inverter. The correct size Class T or ANL fuse has to be installed as close to the power source as possible. Transfer switches may need to be installed to isolate shore power from inverter power. A remote switch is handy for turning the inverter on and off.


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Magnum Inverters.

Magnum Energy MS 2812 Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Magnum Energy SureSine Inverter

We've been installing Magnum SureSine Inverters for several years. This made in USA product is one of the best inverters available today for recreational vehicle use.

Magnumn Energy MERC-50 Remote Display

The Magnum ME-RC50 remote display is included with all Magnum Energy Inverter installations. This display is used for programming the inverters set points and features. It also monitors battery voltage and displays the DC current draw while inverting.

400 Amp hour battery bank

Pictured above 400+ amp hour dual 6 volt battery bank. We recommend a minimum of a 400 amp hour or larger battery bank to run any large inverter

30 Amp Iota Transfer Swithc
Some inverters may require a separate transfer switch. Magnum inverters have a built in transfer switch that will automatically switch the AC power between inverter and shore power. 

When plugged into shore power the Magnum MS 2012 charges the battery bank at 100 amps. The MS 2812 charges at 125 amps.

The pro's at RV Solar Connection, llc have the experience and knowledge to correctly install your 120 volt AC sine wave inverter.