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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Solar Panel, Charge Controller and Inverter Installation

RV Solar Connection, LLC designs, sells and installs new Photovoltaic Solar Battery Charging Systems, Charge controllers, Batteries, and Inverters to fellow recreational vehicle owners in the Denver metro area. We can also move a system from your old RV to your new RV, or we can expand your existing current system. We also offer solar kits for the do-it-yourselfer.

Notice we left out the words "Service" in the opening paragraph.

That's because the products we sell and install have no moving parts to wear out! Solar panels will produce electricity for 20 to 25 years or longer. The only component of our systems that will need service is replacing the batteries every 5 to 6 years, and checking the electrolyte level monthly.

The quality of our craftsmanship in unparalleled in the Denver area.

Jim Installing a Flat Mount ModuleEvery solar installation is performed as if we were working on our own RVs. All electrical connections are soldered and heat shrinked to seal out the moisture and prevent arching and corrosion. The utmost of care is given to RV interiors when work is performed inside the coach. Cutouts for charge controllers are clean and professional. You won't have to clean up construction debris after we have finished working inside the coach. Solar panels are mounted square with the roof lines and securely fastened to the roof. Roof penetrations are triple sealed to prevent leaks.

Who are you going to trust for your solar installation? The big box stores who replace technicians every few months and only offer Chinese kits... or the pros at RV Solar Connection, LLC.
Potential customers are always welcome to inspect the installations on our own RV's or visit our solar image gallery to see pictures of our past work.

Here's how our installation process works

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are your solar partnersRV Solar Connection, LLC guarantees the quality of our installation work 100%. We take great pride in what we do and feel that our job is not complete until you are totally satisfied with the installation services that we performed for you. In addition we will warranty the installation portion of the job for a full 365 days after the installation was completed. View our installation warranty.

To view some pictures of solar installations visit our Image Gallery.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a free consultation visit the Contact Us page and get in touch with either Randy or Jim.


Payment is Due once the job has been completed and you are completely satisfied with our work.

We accept the following forms of payment.
Personal or Business Checks and PayPal credit card processing.

More information on our Installed RV Solar Electric Systems can be found our our sister site

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