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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Large View of flat mount Solar Panels

Update: 4/15/2012 the above system has grown with the addition of two Kyocera 135's mounted with dual tilt mounts and a flat mounted Zamp 145. I now have 525 watts of solar regulated with a Blue Sky Solar Boost 302iL controller. The small Siemens was moved to my hunting camper.

158 Watts of Solar

Pictured left is my two panel array. The small panel on the right is a 48 watt Siemens purchased back in the early 90's. The larger panel is a 110 watt Mitsubishi. The two are tied together giving me a total of 158 watts of renewable solar energy.

Being a weekend warrior 158 watts of solar power supplies me with an abundance of battery power. As long as the sun is shining I am back to full charge by 12 noon during the spring & summer months.