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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Custom Under Step Inverter Compartment

3000 Watt Vector Inverter

3000 Watt
Vector Inverter

With the step raised you can see my Vector MAXX SST 3000 watt inverter that easily powers all the 120 volt appliances in my 5th wheel, including the micro and my wife's blow dryer and curling iron.

Update: 4/15/2012
There is also a Xantrex PROwatt 1000 sine wave inverter in this compartment. The Xantrex is the inverter I use most of the time. It powers my fridge and all the electronic toys.

I chose this particular inverter because of the space limitations I was faced with. To turn on the inverter I simply lift the step and flick a switch.

Both ends of the step lead to other compartments which gives me adequate air flow for the inverters cooling fans to cool the inverter.

RV Solar Connection can install a system like this in your RV. Visit the Contact Us page to schedule your free consultation.