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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Deep Cycle RV Batteries

The deep cycle batteries in your recreational vehicle are the workhorses of your solar system. This is why it is important to have good quality deep cycle batteries matched to your 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC requirements. RV Solar Connection recommends tried and true Interstate Batteries for your RV. Jim and I both have Interstate batteries in our 5th wheels and our trucks.

The scoop on Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle batteries are designed differently than cranking batteries. Cranking batteries are designed to release short bursts of electricity for a short period of time. They are rated in CCA or cold cranking amps. Therefore they are not suitable for storing the solar energy that your solar system will produce.

On the other hand, Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be drawn down and recharged over and over again. Good deep cycle batteries will be rated in Ah or Amp Hours. The higher the Ah rating of the battery the longer the batteries staying power.

"Staying Power"... this is why it is important for us to understand your electrical power requirements so that we may size your battery bank according to your needs.

If you only use your batteries to run the 12 volt lights, 12 volt stereo system, heater, water pump, and the constant draw from the refrigerator and the CO alarm, a pair of group 27 or group 29 deep cycle batteries is probably more than sufficient to meet your needs.

If your electrical demands require the use of an inverter to power 120 volt AC appliances, such as microwaves, or home theater systems you'll need a much larger battery bank. For this kind of an electrical demand a minimum of 430 ah (Amp hours) of battery is recommended.

Here's the system I have installed in my 5th wheel

I like to fish a lot and use my 5th wheel 3 days a week every weekend from May to the first weekend in October.

Currently on the roof I have 520 watts of solar power comprised of one 110 watt Mitsubishi panel, two Kyocera 135's and one Zamp 140 solar panel which is wired to a Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024iL charge controller with IPN and IPNPRO remots. From there we go to a pair of Trojan J185H-AC 12 volt deep cycle sweeper batteries rated at 225 Ah each. Both batteries combined give me a 450 Ah of battery power.

The battery pair is wired via a short 3 foot run of #3/0 cable to my Vector MAXX 3000 watt modified sine wave inverter and to a Xantrex PROwatt 1000 sine wave inverter. In theory (I've never tried this) with this system I can run my microwave for about 2 hours solid before I hit 45% of reserve capacity in my batteries.  

In reality I only run the micro for about 10 minutes in the morning to make coffee and toast, 15 minutes at night, and on a bad weather day I might run my laptop or LCD TV for a few hours. My big power consumer is the fridge. On my 3 day fishing/camping trips I run the fridge on AC powered by the PROwatt 1000. I have never had a battery power issue, even when it gets cold in October.

As you can see it is imperative to have your battery bank sized your your electrical demand. The batteries must be the same group size and the same age for the system to work properly.

If you need new batteries to complement your solar system we are more than happy to sit down with you to figure out what your specific battery needs are... and what will safely fit in your battery compartment.

For a quote on a complete Solar, Battery and Inverter system visit Contact Us and get in touch with Randy or Jim.


Batteries are the Workhorses of your RV's Solar System

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RV Solar Connection, llc recommends Interstate Batteries for your Recreational Vehicle's deep cycle wet cell battery requirements.

Interstate Batteries feature:

Advanced Chemical Technology delivers 16% more life cycles

Performs better in high heat

Vibration Resistance
New technology resists damage caused by hard jolts of rough roads

Four Post Design
Provides easier installation and improves power flow

The number one selling RV/Marine battery in the USA

Interstate Batteries
Amp Hour Ratings
12 volt Group 24 - 84 Ah
12 Volt Group 27 - 96 Ah
12 Volt Group 29 - 126 Ah
12 Volt Group 40 - 234 Ah
6 Volt U2200 - 232 Ah

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