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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Mobile Suites 5th wheel with 390 watts of solar powerMobile Suites gets the last of our 130's

This Beautiful Mobile Suites 5th wheel got the last of our Kyocera 130 watt solar modules. The owner of this 5th wheel is retiring and is new to the RV lifestyle.

They were planning on spending most of their time in RV parks where they could plug in but thought they'd also do some boon-docking, so he chose to go with three modules instead of the minimum of four that we recommend for full timers.

This trailer also got a second set of 6 volt deep cycle batteries and a Magnum 2800 sine wave inverter which required a lot of custom work. Unfortunately most RV's are built with space for one small battery, which requires us to come up with a custom configuration for adding more batteries. Mobile Suites is one of the few rigs that ships with two 6 volt batteries.

Custom Battery and Inverter RackMobile Suites Custom Battery and Inverter Rack

The Mobiles Suites 5th wheel had an onboard generator in the front compartment that used up all the space up front so we had to create a custom battery and inverter rack to optimize space in the underbelly storage area.

The upper picture shows the beginning of the aluminum rack we built that is designed to house the batteries on the lower level and the Magnum 2800 inverter/charger will sit on the upper level. Custom 4/0 interconnect cables where built to connect the two factory 6 volt batteries to the second set of 6 volt batteries.

Next we installed high and low venting tubes to vent the battery compartment to outside air. Then we fabricated the carpeted panels that will seal up the battery compartment and provide protection for the inverter.

Then the Magnum inverter was installed in the upper level and wired to the batteries below with short runs of 4/0 cable.

The lower picture shows the finished product with the inverter on the upper level and the batteries sealed up in the lower level.

Battery watering will be a bit challenging due to space constraints... but do-able. The lower front access panel is easily removed which allows access to the batteries for watering.


Mobile Suites Control CenterMobile Suites Electronics Control Center

Pictured left is the electronics control cabinet in the Mobile Suites.

We were able to relocate some of the factory controls which gave us just enough room to install the display for the Blue Sky Solar Boost and the display control panel for the Magnum inverter.

Diesel Pusher with Kyocera 130 watt solar panelDiesel Pusher gets a 130 Battery Maintenance System

This customer mainly camps in parks so he didn't want a full blown solar system for dry camping. He was more concerned with keeping his batteries charged while in storage.

We installed a Kyocera 130 watt module with a Morningstar SunSaver Duo which will charge both the starting batteries and the coach batteries.

The SunSaver Duo can be programmed to send 90% of its power to the coach batteries and 10% to trickle charge the starting batteries... or it can send 50% to each set of batteries.

 SunSaver Duo is an excellent choice for Class A B & C Rv's.

405 Watts of Solar PowerAnother Mobile Suites Install... This one Get 405 Watts

This Mobile Suites 5th wheel is owned by a couple that is new to the RV lifestyle. They sold all their stuff, bought a truck and this trailer and where off to be campground hosts in a campground with no utilities.

This customer was figuring they could get by with three modules instead of the four that we recommend for fulltime Rving.

This trailer got three Kyocera 135's that were flat mounted, and extra pair of 6 volt batteries, a Magnum 2800 inverter and a Blue Sky controller.

Mobile Suites Inverter and Battery CompartmentMobile Suites Custom Battery and Inverter Power Center

This Mobile Suites 5th wheel didn't have the onboard generator which gave us plenty of space to built a custom power center to house the extra batteries and and the Magnum inverter.

The upper picture shows the initial construction of the combined battery and inverter power center compartment. The extra pair of 6 volt interstate deep cycle batteries will be placed in the lower area of the compartment.

The new battery compartment is vented to the right side into the factory battery compartment. This custom battery compartment allowed the 4/0 inverter cables and battery interconnect cables to be kept very short.

The picture to the left (center) shows the batteries installed in the lower compartment and the Magnum 2800 inverter/charger in the upper compartment of the power center. The battery compartment has a removable front door for battery maintenance. The upper inverter compartment also has a removable front door.

The far right compartment with the open door is the factory battery box. The white square you see is one of two factory installed 6 volt batteries. Above the batteries is the hydraulic system that powers the slides and the trailers landing gear.

The last picture is a side shot of the completed power center. The rear wall is actually a sliding door that allows access to the inverter.


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