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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Truck Load of 130 Kyocera Solar ModulesClass A with Kyocera 135, Tilt Mount and SunSaver Duo

This Trail Lite Class A motor home was outfitted with a Kyocera 135 watt module and our exclusive dual tilt solar module mounts.

Since most motor homes have two sets of batteries, a cranking battery and one or more coach batteries we installed a Morningstar SunSaver Duo on this rig.

A SunSaver Duo is an excellent choice for rigs with two battery banks.

The SunSaver Duo is rated at 25 amps which allows installation of up to three Kyo 135's. The controller can be set up to send 90% charge to the coach batteries and 10% to the cranking battery, or 50% to each battery bank. In most instances the 90% - 10% is the preferred option for an RV.

Outback Trailer with 135 watt solar module135 Watt with rear facing tilt mounts

We were really impressed with this Outback Keystone Super Lite bumper-pull trailer. Not too big and not to small. The solid sided rear slide was a nice feature.

This customer wanted our tilt mounts as he frequently uses his trailer during the winter months. As you can see his roof has an extreme curve to it. The only way to get our tilters to work on a curved roof is to mount the module so it tilts to the rear or front of the trailer. Not really a bad thing... you just have to point the rear of the trailer facing south when the module is tilted.

The controller we used was a Specialty Concepts Mark22 which would allow for potential future system expansion. Last we heard the single 135 watt module was meeting all of the 12 volt electrical needs of our customer and he wouldn't need to expand the system.

Specialty Concepts Mark 22 Solar Charge ControllerA Mark 22 Charge Controller Hard at Work

Pictured left is the Specialty Concepts Mark 22 charge controller that we installed in the above trailer.

The Mark 22 is a basic on/off charge controller that is an excellent choice for small systems. The build and durability qualities of this American Made charge controller can't be beat.

The Mark 22 will automatically stop charging the battery once the voltage reaches 14.4 volts. As you can see the batteries in this trailer are just about fully charged. Once the voltage drops below 13.2 volts the controller will resume battery charging and start the cycle all over again.

Airstream trailer with 130 watt solar moduleAirstream with a 130 Watt Portable Module

Now here's a really sweet set up! Our beloved Kyocera 130 (now discontinued) set up to be used as a portable solar battery charging system. This set up is plug and play. Plug one end of the cord to the modules regulated power output and the other end to the battery... and you're making juice!

The best feature of a portable system is you can track the sun maximizing the modules output. A portable system will out perform a roof system that is mounted flat. 

Our customer seemed to be very happy with his portable system and wrote this nice article that I just happened to find in the Airstream forum. Click here to read his article.

Tilt Mounts used on Portable Solar Electric SystemAirstream Part Two

Our exclusive dual tilt solar module mounts make an excellent ground support system for our Kyocera 65, 85, 135 watt solar modules. The rail that rests on the ground has holes in it that one could use to fasten the module to the ground with tent or carpet stakes.

The black 8 gauge cord you see in the upper part of the picture is feeding power to the battery box. The small chain is pad locked to the module and the other end is locked to the trailer offering some good security for portable systems.

I use my 85 watt portable to charge my boat batteries. I take it big game hunting to charge my hunting camper batteries and I also use it to supplement the 425 watts I have on the roof of my 5th wheel.

Cabover Camper with 130 watt solar systemCabover Camper with 130 Watt Module

This customer drove to us from Salida, CO. He complained that every time he and his family went camping his battery was dead in two days or less.

That was an easy problem for us to solve but our customer had limited roof space. We did find a nice area to install a 130 watt Kyocera module with a Specialty Concepts Mark 22 charge controller.

After seeing the single group 24 battery that was installed in a vented battery box in a small space inside the camper we suggested that he could nix the lead acid battery and box and install two small Optima batteries laying sideways and double his battery storage capacity. The customer did this and the last we heard he's never run out of 12 volt power on extended trips.

800 Watt RV Solar SystemBig Diesel gets a Redo

Wow... we are talking some serious RV Solar power here!

This rig belongs to a fulltime RV couple who winters south of the border.

The above picture is of the RV's existing system which consisted of two Sharp 123 watt modules and a couple of smaller modules that was installed by someone else. The owner dry camps and needed a lot more power to cover his electrical needs so he came to us for a redo.

This job took about 24 man hours to remove the old system and mounts. Patch the holes, relocate the old system and install three more modules and a large high end solar controller.

The five large modules (2 Sharp 123's, 1 Kyocera 130 and 2 Kyocera 135's were all outfitted with our dual tilt mounts. It was interesting to find that the Sharp 123 watt module was nearly identical in size to the Kyocera 130.

Our dual tilt mounts are available in two sizes and adaptable to most solar modules that would be used on an RV.

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