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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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110 Watt Kyocera on Viking Pop up tent trailer130 Watt Kyocera on Pop-up Tent Trailer

This tent trailer belongs to a river rafting guide that lives in his trailer five months a year during the river rafting season. Previously he had no way to recharge his batteries and lived by candle and lantern light once the batteries died.

This season our customer is living in style with the installation of a self contained 130 watt portable Kyocera module that is mounted to the roof and the addition of a second battery.

65 Watt Kyocera on a boatClose Up of a Magnum MS2812 Inverter Display

Pictured to the left is a close up of a Magnum MS2812 pure sine wave inverter display.

The ME-RC50 remote is the digital control center for a Magnum MS2812 2800 watt pure sine wave inverter.

A Magnum MS2812 sine wave inverter changes DC current to 120 volt AC current. Once hard wired into your RV's 120 volt electrical system with the touch of a button all electrical outlets have clean 120 volt power with out the need for shore power or a generator. This inverter will not run roof air.

520 Watt system with tilt mounts520 Watt Full Timer System with exclusive Tilt Mounts

Talk about trick... this new 35 foot Bighorn 5th wheel got the works.

Pictured left is our 520 Watt Kyocera Full Timer System with our exclusive dual tilt mounts. These dual tilt mounts enable the user to easily tilt the modules either direction and secure them at any angle.

Our dual tilt mounts are manually operated. If the RV doesn't have a ladder or you're unable to get on the roof, or you only use the RV during the summer months, we don't recommend the extra expense of these exclusive mounts. Modules must be stowed in the fixed flat position while traveling.

520 Watt Tiltable System in stowed position520 Watt Full Timer System in Stowed Position

This is a picture of the same solar system shown above but in the stowed travel position.

During the summer months... May thru mid September it's really not necessary to tilt the modules here in Colorado as the sun is high in the sky and day length is long.

During the winter months... late September thru April tilting the modules can increase performance 25% to 30%. Coupled with an MPPT photovoltaic controller the system can produce near summer output levels.

It takes less than 10 minutes to raise or lower all four modules.

Interstate U2200 Deep Cycle BatteriesInterstate U2200 Deep Cycle RV Batteries

Why do they call these Golf Cart batteries? We prefer to call them true Deep Cycle RV batteries.

Economical Interstate U2200 6 volt deep cycle batteries will do everything a Trogan will do but they'll cost you less money.

AT 234 Ah per pair this battery bank has the ability to store 468 Ah for less than $455.00.

Custom battery interconnects, battery tie downs, inverter cables & fuses can be added at additional cost.

260 Watt Kyocera Solar Flat Mount260 Watt Kyocera Super Charger System

Pictured left is our 260 Watt Kyocera Super Charger System.

The 260 watt Super Charger System is a fantastic package for the retired road traveler or serious weekend warrior. This awesome system will provide 14 to 15 Ah of solar battery charging power! During the off season the Super Charger System will keep your batteries at full charge automatically and eliminate winter battery freeze ups.

The system includes 2 Kyocera photovoltaic modules. 12 flat mounted module mounts and a Specialty Concepts Mark 22 solar charge controller. 10/2 cable and complete installation.

Everything we do is custom and nothing is written in stone. If you'd like to up grade or down grade the solar controller.. we can do that. The mounting system can be upgraded, or you could add and additional 85 watt module.

Perfectly aligned 130 watt modules360 Watts Perfectly Aligned

Now here's a beautiful sight!

Three perfectly aligned 130 watt Kyocera solar modules.





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