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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Truck Load of 130 Kyocera Solar ModulesA Dodge Sprinter with 130 Watt Kyocera Battery Charger

The owners of this Dodge Sprinter travel frequently and discovered that their small AGM battery could not handle their DC electrical needs by day two without running the generator.

Roof space was very limited but we were able to install our 130 watt Kyocera Battery Charger system which quickly re-charges the AGM battery daily.

65 Watt Kyocera on a boat65 Watt Portable Solar Charging System on a Boat

Pictured to the left is one of our 65 Watt Kyocera Portable Solar Charging Systems on a large cabin cruiser.

This innovative customer purchased a 65 Watt Portable module, installed four large suction cups to the corners and stuck the module to the bow of his cabin cruiser to charge and maintain his boat's batteries.

While under way our customer uses bungee cords as a second layer of protection to insure the module doesn't come loose from the boat. 

Customer inspecting new 130 watt moduleExtra power for a big Alpenlite Cabover camper

This install ended up requiring a little more work than expected. Unknown to us and to our customer (pictured) upon inspection we discovered that the rear mounts on the existing smaller 80 watt module had been crushed and pressed into the roofing material of the camper by the weight of heavy spring snows.

After replacing the smaller module's mounts and repairing damage to the roof an additional 130 Watts of solar power was installed to boost the existing systems charging capacity.

We mount all of our Kyocera 130's modules with six mounting feet to help distribute snow weight evenly across the the roofs surface and to help support the center of module from bowing under snow loads.

260 Watt Tiltable System on a Diesel PusherMagnum 2800 Watt Inverter & Blue Sky Solar Boost 50

Pictured to the left is a Magnum 2800 watt pure sine wave inverter mounted in the underbelly of a large 5th wheel. Four Interstate 6 volt industrial deep cycle batteries provide power to the inverter.

Pictured above the inverter is a Blue Sky Solar Boost 50.

85 Watt Portable on VW Westfalia85 Watt Kyocera Portable on a VW Westfalia

This very crafty do it your-selfer came up with an ingenious way to mount one of our 85 Watt Portable Solar Systems on his VW Westfalia.

The 85 watt module is mounted to accessory bars that are in turn mounted to the underside of his Thule roof rack. When his roof is flat the module is totally out of sight.

When our crafty camper sets up at his camp site he always parks with the pop-top facing south.

Solar Boost 50 and Magnum 2800 DisplaysBlue Sky Solar Boost  and Magnum 2800 Inverter Display

This picture is of the control panel area in a 5th wheel. We had to relocate some existing switches to better utilize space to make room for installation of two remote displays.

The two black displays in the top are the remotes for the Blue Sky Solar Boost 50 (center) and the Magnum 2800 inverter (right).

The Blue Sky remote gives a readout of array amps, battery voltage, and boost amps as well as charge status. The Magnum display controls the inverter and shows the status of the inverter, amps drawn while inverting, battery voltage and several other user friendly functions.

Interstate 830 Amp Hour Battery Bank840 Amp Hour Battery Bank

Wow... we are talking some serious battery power here!

This is the battery bank that supplies the Magnum inverter that's pictured above. This bank consists of four 6 volt Interstate UL16 high capacity true deep cycle batteries. Each pair of batteries is rated at 420 Ah with a total of 830 Ah for both pairs. Four 130 watt Kyocera modules recharge the batteries.

These deep cycle batteries are joined together with 4/0 welding cable that we custom build. Each cable is crimped multiple times, then soldered and color coded heat shrinked.

This custom battery bank fit quite snugly in the battery compartment and only required a simple battery tie-down that's out of sight on the left side of the batteries.

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