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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Truck Load of 130 Kyocera Solar ModulesAnother shipment of 130 watt Kyocera Solar Modules

In order to capitalize on volume pricing and and offer our customers the best possible price on our solar panels we purchase our modules by the pallet.

The pictured pallet has 20 - 130 watt Kyocera modules. 85 watt and 65 watt modules are packed with 40 modules per pallet. As you may guess, our inventory costs are quite high!

A Specialty Concepts Mark 22 Solar Charge ControllerA Specialty Concepts Mark 22 Charge Controller

Pictured to the left is a Specialty Concepts Mark 22 solar charge controller mounted near the entry door.

This controller along with a 130 watt Kyocera Solar Battery Maintainer System was installed on a 5th Wheel that spends the summer months at a private water ski lake near Greeley, Colorado. The campgrounds have no electrical service.

260 Watt Kyocera Solar SystemA 260 Watt Kyocera System installed on a 5th Wheel

This is a 260 Watt Kyocera Super Charger system that we installed on a 40 foot Fuzion 5th wheel toy box.

The owner of this trailer loves to play with his toys in Moab. Previous to installation of his photovoltaic system the trailer always had low battery problems after a couple of days. Per the customer "those problems are now a thing of the past"!

260 Watt Tiltable System on a Diesel PusherA 260 Watt Kyocera Tilt-able System on a Monaco Pusher

This customer is going to use his 40 foot Monaco Pusher as a year round mobile office. He wanted to maximize the output of his solar modules to power his office equipment and internet.

So Jim and I put on our thinking caps and built tilt-able solar module mounts that tilt two different directions and have the ability to be set at three different angles.

260 Watt Kyocera Super Charger SystemAnother 260 watt Kyocera Super Charger System

This customer is nearing retirement and is planning on doing a lot of boon docking in remote areas. His 36 foot Holiday Rambler 5th wheel has an on-board generator, but he prefers not to use the generator for battery charging.

He's saving the generator for the big jobs like running the microwave and his chain saw.

A Replacement 6 volt battery bankWe also install New or Replacement Battery banks

If your deep cycle batteries are old and tired we recommend replacing the batteries when your new solar system is installed. We can do this for you or you can do it yourself.

Pictured left are four new interstate U2200 Workhorse 6 volt batteries wired in series giving the customer about 450 Ah of storage capacity.

A Replacement 6 volt battery bank520 Watt Kyocera Super Charger with Magnum Inverter

Pictured left is our top of the line photovoltaic solar system featuring four Kyocera 130 watt modules mounted with our exclusive, second generation dual tilt mounts.

A Blue Sky Solar Boost 50 controller regulates and boosts the charge current sent to this 5th wheel's 750 Ah industrial deep cycle battery bank. The combined battery and inverter weight is less than that of an onboard generator, plus it's maintenance and noise free!

A Magnum 2800 sine wave inverter tops of the system providing clean AC power to all electrical circuits except roof air.

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