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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Solar electric systems can also be installed on construction trailers, livestock trailers, utility and mobile shop trailers. If it has wheels and a roof... we can install solar modules on it!

Boondock Generator Free with a Solar Electric System from RV Solar Connection, llc

In addition to the installation of custom solar electric PV systems on RV's, RV Solar Connection, llc also installs DC to AC 120 inverters, new 12 volt DC deep cycle battery banks, replacement deep cycle batteries, transfer switches, fuses, cabling and anything else required to turn your RV into a self sufficient power plant. We can also move an existing solar system from your old RV to your new RV, or expand your current solar panel system.

Once outfitted with solar electric panels, a charge controller, an inverter, and a properly sized deep cycle battery bank you'll be able to run:
  • Electric Kitchen Appliances like Microwaves, Toasters, Deep Fryers, Coffee Pots, Skillets, Blenders and more
  • Home Theater Equipment
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Communications and Satellite equipment
  • Most Power Tools
  • Small appliances like curling irons, blow dryers and electric razors
  • And any other electrical device that operates within the output rating of the inverter

Just imaging... no more smelly generator fumes! No more generator maintenance! No more generator noise!

Need a RV solar system quote?

Just call or email us. If need be we can come to where your RV is garaged, discuss your needs and develop a custom solar photovoltaic system for you that will meet or exceed your 12 volt DC electrical demands.

Need Solar for your Boat? We can install a custom marine solar system for pleasure or fishing boats. Our marine systems utilize Kyocera solar modules and can be permanently mounted to the boat, or we can create a unique moveable system that can double as a battery charging system for your camper.

65 Watt Portable Solar ModuleNew Portable Solar Electric battery charging products from RV Solar Connection, llc
We have just developed three totally portable stand alone self contained Kyocera photovoltaic solar battery charging systems.

Our new portable solar electric battery charging systems are ideal for small campers, trailers, boats and for re-charging backup batteries for ham radio operators, remote video systems or security systems.

Our portable solar systems are available in 65 watts (29.6"L x 25.7"W), 85 watts (39.6"L x 25.7"W and 130 watt modules (56"L x 35.7"W).
Look here for more info on our portable solar battery charging systems.

RV Solar Connection, llc only offers solar electric panels and charge controllers that are UL Listed and approved for recreational vehicle and marine use.

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Recreational Vehicle Solar Connection, llc specializes in the installation of custom Kyocera solar (photovoltaic) electric systems on all types of recreational vehicles.

Including, Diesel pushers, Class A, B and C motor homes, 5th wheel travel trailers, Bumper pull trailers, Pop-up tent trailers, Van conversions, and Cab-over truck campers in the Denver, Colorado metro area and surrounding communities.

We stock Kyocera solar modules and other components for immediate install.

RV Solar Connection, llc - Granby, Colorado

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An RV with a solar electric PV system, a good deep cycle battery bank, and a DC to AC inverter, sized to meet your needs... will set you on your way to a
"Generator Free Lifestyle"!

Do I need a Solar Electric PV System?
Have you ever run minimal lighting at night?

On a cold fall night you pile on the blankets because you didn't want to run the heater?

Do you store your RV for long periods of time?
Have you reached the age that you now have difficulties with generators?

 If you've answered Yes to any of the above questions you are an excellent candidate for a Solar Electric Battery Charging System.

Power up your Toy Box or your Fishing Boat! Desert Fox Toy Box
Solar Powered Boat
Shown above: A portable marine solar battery charging system with an 85 watt Kyocera panel that outputs 5.02 amps. Electric trolling or positioning at its best... with quiet and clean renewable energy.
After installation of a solar electric pv system on your RV or your boat... low battery problems will become a thing of the past!  
Visit the contact us page to schedule your free appointment. Download our printable brochure for yourself or a friend.

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